Present Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery is located in the Humla district, in the North Western part of Nepal, just south of the Tibetan border in the region of Mount Kailash. It is 3190 meters above sea level. The Humla region lacks modern facilities like vehicles, telephones, roads etc. Inaccessible by road due to its surrounding mountainous geographical placement and with a lack of modern communication links, Humla is effectively isolated and remains neglected by the modern world. It is thus lacking in the modern amenities that most people take for granted in the twenty first century. In terms of food production, the upper region of Humla yields a single annual harvest and the lower region yields two harvests a year.

The main crops are rice, barley and beans, but due to infertile soil and the nature of high altitude crops, the production is insufficient to feed all of the population. Therefore the food requirement for over one hundred and fifty monks has to be brought in on horses, mules and porters from the border area. Moreover the area is landlocked from the outside by heavy snowfall for several months every year. The cost of commodities in the Humla region is thus five times higher than it is in the city. If you put all of these hardships aside, due to its isolation, the region is very suitable and conducive for spiritual practice and study.