Among many plans some urgent projects are as follows:

The monastery currently needs a general store-house for the whole monastery and an additional one for Tshechu Nyerpa (manager of 10th and 25th day Puja). We also need an administrative office quarter, library, and preferably a guest house. Additionally a computer room for the monks, kitchen for the whole monastery. The nuns in Humla face a lot of challenges. As there is no nunnery for them at the moment, nuns in Humla have to stay with their families and as a result, often have to work instead of practice. There is always the risk that they cannot continue their religious practice due to the lack of a separate nunnery. As a result, they face difficulty in their practice and in preserving their particular spiritual lineage. Some are impelled to go to other monasteries where they then need to follow other spiritual lineages to fit in. Although we have planned to build a nunnery for quite some time, because of financial constraints, it has not happened yet and is high on our priority list. Therefore a nunnery is indispensable in Humla and we have planned to built it not so far from our monastery.

There are many practitioners who engage in three year, one year and six month retreats, as well as one hundred day retreats. But as there is no retreat center, the retreat practitioners do not have the opportunity to do so in a suitable environment. It is the wish and aspiration of many retreat practitioners in the area to build a proper retreat center in the near future. Therefore we are planning to build a retreat center nearby our Namkha Khyung Dzong Monastery as soon as it becomes fiscally possible. The monastery is also planning to build a 150 ft. statue of Guru Padmasambhava to help avert wide spread natural calamities, epidemic diseases, environmental pollution, risk in proliferation of nuclear weapons etc.