Namkhyung Pema Osel Choling

Namkhyung Nunnery

There are many of nun disciples in Humla and though they wish to study and practice their own religious sect and lineage of Namkha Khyung Dzong. Since there is no nunnery in Humla, they are choose to study in other monasteries in Nepal and India

Since there isn’t any option, many of our Namkha Khyung Dzong nuns get enrolled in other monasteries, which are of different lineage and sect from ours. Later on they get changed into other sect. They follow the new religious lineage and traditions, which isn’t their choice but due to lack of their own monastery. Hence our nuns are disappointed and also feel that they are disregarded.

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Beside nun disciples’ persistent request, Rinpoche also planned to build monastery for nuns many years ago so that they could study and practice their own religion in their own monastery. But due to financial problem Rinpoche’s couldn’t initiate his plan on time.

Now the monastery for our Namkha Khyung Dzong nuns is immensely important and necessary in Humla. Therefore Rinpoche started the nunnery called Namkhyung Pema Osel Choling in Yangar, Humla in which quarters, prayer hall and class room has been built. The plan to build a new monastery building of Namkhyung Pema Osel Choling is for nuns has been initiated.

Namkhyung Nunnery