Upcoming events of Ven. Pema Rigtsal Rinpoche in USA April – May 2017










Rinpoche will be visiting USA at the end of April 2017 to give talk and teaching in United States of America, from April 28 – May 28 2017

Shambhala Publication which published the Rinpoche’s book titled “The Great Secret of Mind” in 2012 has extended invitation and coordinated the upcoming event of Rinpoche in USA.

Rinpoche’s schedule in USA 2017 (April 28 – May 28)

  1.  April 28, 29 30

Tibet House, New York, teaching on Dzogchen View, Meditation & Conduct based on Rinpoche’s book on dzogchen titled “The Great Secret of Mind” (published in 2013 by Shambhala Publication, .

  1. May 03

Rubin Musuem, New York,

Talk on Saga Dawa, To lead meditation session and book sign in.

  1. May 06

Sherpa Hall, New York:

Teaching on Troma, Chod practice and long life Empowerment

  1. May 13 New York, Tshog offering
  1. May 20, 21, 22

Arcata, CA:

Teaching based on his book “The Great Secret of Mind”, Teaching on Troma Chod practice and Troma empowerment.

  1. May 25 – 28

Aari Bhod Center in Tehachapi, CA:

Teaching on his book “The Great Secret of Mind” and Live Release activities etc.


Please visit their websites for events:

Tibet House, New York, website: https://tibethouse.us/events/2017-04/

Rubin Museum New York,

website: http://rubinmuseum.org/events?date=05%2F03%2F2017

Aari Bhod, Tehachapi, California, website: http://aribhod.org/calendar/


Ven. Pema Rigtsal Rinpoche’s schedule April-May 2017 in USA